About Me

Perhaps the most awesomest person you'll ever know.

Graphic Artist + Designer
John Awesome

My name is John Alexander Nguyen, but most of this world knows me better as: John Awesome.

I specialize in both print and web design. I've worked on a variety of posters, flyers, magazine/newsletter ads, brochures, invitations, branding/logos, business cards, e-mail advertising, web banner ads, and basic personal/business websites.

I'm a Martial Arts and Pro Wrestling enthusiast. I also enjoy art and music.

As a designer, I'm very confident to deliver high-quality professional work to any of my potential clients. My goal is not only to generate good designs, but also to learn more from the people whom I'd be contributing my services to. I would like for them to understand that in the end, the message they'll try to convey will be clear, precise and simple. Simply Awesome.

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